Who the heck are we?


Stillwater Vintage is a traveling shop with a curated collection of vintage clothing founded by sisters Starling and Rein. Our shop is named after the fictional band that travels by bus in the Cameron Crowe film Almost Famous and we operate out of our green 1959 Chevrolet bus.

Starling Irving is 23 years old and has had a passion for vintage clothing since she purchased her first vintage pink velvet trench coat in fifth grade. All clothing items sold at Stillwater Vintage have been hand selected by Starling from her favourite vintage clothing shops. Starling is a photographer and an aspiring casting director. She attended Groton School and recently graduated from Bowdoin College in Maine. She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Rein Irving is 20 years old and has a passion for outdoor adventures. She is the driver and voice of reason for Stillwater Vintage. Rein is a diver, hiker, pianist, and improv comedian. She attended Groton School and is currently a student at Scripps College in Southern California. 

Our next bus tour will go coast to coast and begin in 2020.

Summer 2017 Tour Photos